Countertop Refinishing in AR & Kitchen Counter Refinishing in Arkansas

We are now proud to offer the newest technology in countertop resurfacing. This durable coating is perfect to overlay your existing laminate coverings and give you a more sleek, modern look to your home or business. This is just a sample of a start to finish creation over solid white laminate. Please enjoy.

Our countertop coating System provides you enhancing versatility you simply can not obtain with the majority of countertop surface areas. We use loads of styles as well as a limitless palette. Precisely match your color design and choose the appearance that will certainly complement your cooking area's design.

Our countertop coating system can also be applied to floorings or used as your backsplash for a total, coordinated appearance. The system we use is anti-microbial and assists to stop bacteria, stands up to many cooking area cleaners as well as household chemicals while withstanding normal deterioration.